I have been working with the DHE Group since 2015. They are now one of Australia’s leading home improvement companies in a highly competitive sector. When I first partnered, DHE Group was a local company pushing out to South Australia’s regional areas. Fast forward to today, they are now one of Australia’s leading home improvement companies a nationally recognised business with greatly improved revenue and brand awareness.


  • Target Audience Analysis:

    Conducted research to identify the primary demographic for the client’s products. This enabled us to tailor television campaigns to resonate with female homeowners aged 30-55, a key segment for home improvement products.
  • Creative Development:

    Collaborated with my skilled creative team to produce compelling television commercials that showcased the functionality, design, and quality of the blinds and roller shutters. Emphasis was placed on visual appeal and relatability to everyday home improvement needs.
  • Strategic Media Buying:

    Purchased advertising slots on television channels and times that aligned with the identified target audience’s viewing habits. Prioritised prime-time slots and channels known for home improvement or lifestyle content.
  • Cross-Media Integration:

    Supported television campaigns with digital and social media marketing efforts, creating a cohesive brand message across multiple platforms.
  • Measurable Outcomes:

    Implemented tracking systems to measure the impact of the TV campaigns on sales and website traffic, allowing for real-time adjustments and optimisation.


To increase product sales and brand visibility through strategic television advertising campaigns.
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  • A marked increase in sales year after year following the launch of tour first TV campaign.
  • Significant growth in brand awareness, as evidenced by a continual increase in website visits since I commenced marketing.
  • Positive customer feedback and increased engagement on social media platforms.
  • Substantial increases in return on investment (ROI).


The targeted television campaigns, coupled with creative content and strategic media buying, are significantly increasing the sales and market presence for my client’s home improvement products. The success of this approach demonstrates the power of television advertising in reaching and engaging with the desired consumer base, especially when integrated with a broader digital marketing strategy.