Property Asset Planning is one of Adelaide’s leading property investing services, a team of expert consultants helping South Australians grow their wealth.

I have been working with Property Asset Planning for over a decade. Throughout this time I have elevated the company’s brand visibility, engaged potential investors, and driven leads using a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Market Research and Segmentation:

Conducted thorough research to understand the Adelaide property market, investor behaviour, and preferences. This informed the segmentation of the target audience for tailored marketing approaches.

Brand Positioning:

Positioned the company as a leading authority in property investment in Adelaide, emphasising local expertise, trustworthiness, and a proven track record.

Television Media Buying:

  • Strategic Ad Placements:

    Purchased advertising spots on popular channels during peak viewing times, targeting demographics aligned with potential investors.
  • Creative Television Production:

    Produced high-quality TV commercials showcasing successful investment stories, client testimonials, and expert insights into the Adelaide property market.

Digital Advertising:

  • Google Ads Campaigns:

    Implemented targeted Google Ads campaigns using specific keywords related to Adelaide property investment.
  • Social Media Advertising:

    Leveraged Facebook and LinkedIn ads to target potential investors based on demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Content Marketing and SEO

Developed a content marketing strategy focused on SEO to enhance online visibility. Regularly published informative articles, market analyses, and investment tips on the company blog.

Website and eBook creation

The website was designed with user experience in mind, ensuring seamless navigation to the eBook. Key elements included:

  • Aesthetic and intuitive design aligning with the company’s brand.
  • Strategic placement of eBook download links to maximize visibility and accessibility.
  • Integration of lead capture forms to build a potential customer database.

The result was a significant increase in website traffic and eBook downloads, leading to a substantial growth in qualified leads.


  • Continuing increase in investment inquiries year after year.
  • Growth in website traffic, largely driven by SEO and digital advertising efforts.
  • High engagement rates from television advertisements, contributing significantly to brand awareness and recall.
  • Successful lead generation from both digital and television advertising campaigns.
  • Positive ROI from the integrated marketing strategy, with an increase in new investor sign-ups and repeat investments.


The property investment company’s strategic use of a diverse range of marketing channels, including television media and digital advertising, significantly enhanced its presence in the Adelaide market.

This multi-channel approach allowed the company to effectively reach and engage with a wider audience, leading to increased inquiries and investments. The case underscores the importance of a balanced marketing mix that combines the reach and impact of traditional media with the precision and interactivity of digital platforms.